Govyn Kernewek 2011

Have you got a great idea for a short film that uses the Cornish language? There might just be £5000 in it for you...

The deadline has now passed for the GOVYN KERNEWEK AWARD 2011

The Govyn Kernewek Award is a competitive annual commission of £5,000 to make a short film using Kernewek. The award is supported by Cornwall Film Festival, MAGA and awen productions cic

What we’re looking for is a great idea for a short film that uses Kernewek (the Cornish language) wholly or substantially in an interesting way.

It must be viable to make within the £5,000 budget and be completed and delivered by 30th September 2010. We accept ideas of any genre. The suggested title for GK11 is:  "Dowr Tamar yw, nyns yw an Amazon a-barth Duw!" (It's the Tamar, not the Amazon for heaven's sake!"


  • Your proposal must be for a short film with a maximum duration of 20 mins.
  • Your proposal should include a synopsis of your idea, relevant experience, and, if appropriate, details of your proposed production team.
  • Entries are welcome from individuals or teams where the writer, director or producer is resident in Cornwall.

To submit your idea, please email a two-page proposal and two-page CV to: with GK11 as the subject.



       7 Nov 2011 Launch of GK11 at Cornwall Film Festival 2010
  4 Feb 2011 Deadline for submissions
  11 Feb 2011 Shortlist announced
  22 Feb 2011 Interviews & decision
  30 Sep 2011 Delivery

For further information, email or call Denzil at 07886 723896


Support the future of Govyn Kernewek by buying a copy of one of these fantastic collections of Cornish shorts!

       TYSKENNOW KERNOW is a DVD series of short films made in and about Cornwall and Kernewek, the Cornish language.

This inaugural TYSKENNOW KERNOW volume embraces slingers and threshers, troubled chefs and a tempting devil, a Cornish-speaking rabbit, some stunning beards, nine hundred flags, two riotous old dears and an impassioned plea for the liberation of Kernow! Lovingly crafted by contemporary filmmakers. Plucked from ancient archive annals. United at last for your enjoyment, enlightenment and inspiration. Includes the first ever Cornish language pre-school animation (Konin ha Pryv) and the Cornwall Film Festival 2007 ‘Govynn Kernewek Award’ Winner (An Jowl yn Agas Kegin.)

95% profits from the sales of this DVD support the Govynn Kernewek Award (awarded annually by Cornwall Film Festival for a Cornish language film production), 5% to the South West Film and Television Archive.





Where else could you find lobster boats at dawn, giants entertaining traffic jams, poets throwing benches from cliffs, or Kick-Ass Kung Fu Kweens fighting dastardly laser beams to save the day?

From magnificent wing-walking wonders of a bygone age, life-size puppets and larger than life Droll-tellers, to wind-up Cornish Bards illuminating illustrious opinions on the riveting renaissance of the Cornish language.

The DVD includes the first ever Cornish language film drama and a gleaner's sheaf of Award Winning Films from the Celtic Media Festival, Lodz International "Mediaschool" Film Festival, Poland and the Govyn Kernewek Award Winning films from 2003 (the first GK Award!) and 2007.